Disney Pixar's Up

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Disney Pixar's Up
Brand / Company: Disney Pixar
Product / Service: Up
Price: $2.99 - $19.99 USD
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An exciting, funny, and poignant adventure!

Disney Pixar's Up was one of my fave movies when it came out! It offers an impeccably crafted story that is told with wit and arranged with depth, not to mention how visually stunning it is! I think it's a great movie for the whole family, and is sure to be an upper for all.

The description of Disney Pixar's Up, as stated on iTunes, is:

"From the revolutionary minds of Pixar Animation Studios and the acclaimed director of Monsters, Inc. comes a hilariously uplifting adventure where the sky is no longer the limit. Carl Fredricksen, a retired balloon salesman is part rascal, part dreamer who is ready for his last chance at high-flying excitement. Tying thousands of balloons to his house, Carl sets off to the lost world of his childhood dreams. Unbeknownst to Carl, Russell, an overeager 8-year old Wilderness Explorer who has never ventured beyond his backyard, is in the wrong place at the wrong time – Carl's front porch! The world's most unlikely duo reaches new heights and meets fantastic friends like Dug, a dog with a special collar that allows him to speak, and Kevin, the rare 13-foot tall flightless bird. Stuck together in the wilds of the jungle, Carl realizes that sometimes life's biggest adventures aren't the ones you set out looking for. UP reaches new heights and it's an adventure that will send your spirits soaring!"

If anyone is interested in checking out the movie Disney Pixar's Up, click on the image up above.


- Stunning visuals
- Wholesome and funny
- Great for the entire family

Bottom Line:

If anyone has not watched this movie, I really recommend it!

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Hailey Jones
Winnipeg, MB, CA
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Disney Pixar's Up - I love movies!
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