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Oscar Winning Animated Film
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Zootopia is the year's best Animated Film

Disney’s “Zootopia,” is about a female rabbit (Judy Hopps ) who defies her haters, doubters and a class-divided society to become a police officer.

This movie is a about overcoming not only personal fears, but doubt and disapproval that can be placed on someone by society. Judy Hopps, is the prime example of what we or at least I want the up and coming generation to see as she is a person who overcame every obstacle that was put in her way, she allowed herself to learn and create new ideas and new ways of thinking to help her achieve the goal she set out for herself.

Although she may be small she is mighty, and that is the message those watching this movie should see, nothing should ever stop you from achieving your goals. This may be an animated movie but it is definitely a movie for those of all ages.

I am 100% supporting this movie as it is an outstanding movie and very deserving of this Oscar.

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