Smart Fingerprint Padlock

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Smart Fingerprint Padlock
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Brand / Company: Tapplock
Product / Service: Smart Fingerprint Padlock
Price: $99 USD
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A unique padlock with multiple ways to unlock!

This is such a cool invention by Tapplock. This fingerprint padlock has the security of a traditional one with added intelligence and convenience. It unlocks in less than a second and in three different ways! By directly with your fingerprint, by programming a tapping rhythm, or via the connecting app. You can also use the smart phone companion app to check battery life, the entry log, and revoke or grant access to individuals whenever. I really like that it is anti-shim and anti-pry, as well.

You'd no longer need to worry about misplacing a key, and can unlock it in fun ways. Super convenient. The rechargeable battery lasts up to one year every 2 hours of charge time, which is pretty impressive! It can store up to 500 fingerprints for multiple users, is water-resistant up to IP66, rust-proof and rain-proof.

It reads fingerprints and unlocks in 0.8 seconds, and the lock's adaptive algorithm becomes faster/more accurate with each read. This has become perfect for keeping my locker safe.

If anyone else would like to check out this Smart Fingerprint Padlock from Tapplock, click on the images up above!


- Uses a capacitive biometric sensor that reads unique electrical signals of a finger
- 3 ways to unlock: 360 degree fingerprint recognition, wireless/Bluetooth unlocking via app, or morse-code by pressing long/short combinations on power button
- Rechargeable battery: Lasts up to 1 year per 2 hours of charge time
- Double-layered lock design with anti-shim and anti-pry technologies
- Water-resistant up to IP66, rust-proof and rain-proof

Bottom Line:

This is such a cool invention, making it super easy and convenient to open and unlock things. No more having to remember a combination or keep up with a key.

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Smart Fingerprint Padlock - What's Cool In Technology
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Smart Fingerprint Padlock - What's Cool In Technology
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