Quintessenza Electric Classic 911

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Brand / Company: Voitures Extravert
Product / Service: Quintessenza SE
Price: €300,000 - €370,000 EUR
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Imagine this: an old porsche 911 turned into an electric car. That's the Quintessenza SE!

The Dutch firm Voitures Extravert is converting old porsche 911s into electric cars. The project has been dubbed "Quintessenza", which will feature 1970s and 1980s models decked out with electric insides. The Quintessenza SE features a 70s look, a very rare view these days - with the original, narrow and chrome vibes. I really enjoy the old school looks, so I would prefer the SE over the TE(80s look).

This is a very interesting concept, but has not yet been completed. The Quintessenza Electric Classic 911 is merely in reservations, with an estimated delivery of the first 10 cars in early 2019.

The specs are pretty neat, too. A 60-kilowatt-hour battery pack that will provide a range of 400 kilometers, or roughly 250 miles, and enough power to reach 0-62 mph in 6.0 seconds.

The Quintessenza SE will only be available in the EU, North America and Switzerland. I would definitely like to keep up with the development and see if it releases on time in 2019, and how it performs in the real world. For anyone else interested, check out the source link above!

Quintessenza Electric Classic 911, Voitures Extravert, Quintessenza SE, Electric Car
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Quintessenza Electric Classic 911 - Electric Sports Cars
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Quintessenza Electric Classic 911 - Electric Sports Cars
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