j-becker's FaveThing http://www.favething.com/rss/j-becker en-us http://www.favething.com/images/logo.jpg www.favething.com http://www.favething.com Marshmallow Crossbow by MMX Vancouver http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/marshmallow-crossbow-by-mmx-vancouver/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/marshmallow-crossbow-by-mmx-vancouver/ The Marshmallow Crossbow by MMX Vancouver is so brilliant! Forget puny plastic Nerf guns, the most amazing battles would come from this marshmallow crossbow, with ammo you can actually eat. The Marshmallow Crossbow is designed to sling marshmallows up to 60 feet through the air, which is pretty amazing when you think about it. Though they do state that it works best with slightly dry marshmallows, or you can add a bit of cornstarch to fresher marshmallows to improve their flight. I really like how it is handmade from 99% natural materials, and looks nothing at all like a simple toy. It looks very classy and is certainly an item of true workmanship, demonstrating remarkable precision. If anyone else is interested in the Marshmallow Crossbow by MMX Vancouver, check out the source link up above. I definitely need to get a few of these and stage the ultimate friends and family battle. 2018-08-28 17:03:55 https://huckberry.com/store/mmx-vancouver/category/p/44570-marshmallow-crossbow 2018 England National Team Football Official Away Jersey http://www.favething.com/j-becker/soccer/2018-england-national-team-football-official-away-jersey/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/soccer/2018-england-national-team-football-official-away-jersey/ The Nike England Vapor Away Shirt 2018 is my way of showing support for my team, England, in the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia. This jersey is super comfortable and allows for a fluid range of motion and a great amount of breathability. My favourite part of the shirt is the iconic crest of the Three Lions on the chest, so everyone can know where my loyalty lies! The 2018 England National Team Football Official Away Jersey is machine washable, featuring a v neck and short raglan sleeves. Complete with the Nike Swoosh branding, you yourself end up feeling like a part of the team! Speaking of the team, I am really rooting for England to rewrite history this year! The recent World Cup record for England has been a tale of teams that aren't good enough to live up to any level expectations. This year, England has a very potent attacking force with their captain Harry Kane, and against Tunisia and Panama, goalkeeper Jordan Pickford has been keeping the ball clear of the net. The next game in Russia will be a decisive group game that wll test England's big-game mentality. The England team highly displays that they are comfortable in their own skin and with each other on and off the pitch - but we will have to see what gets revealed when the heat is on! You can do it, England! GO, ENGLAND! Share in the support with a jersey to be proud of! If anyone else is interested in the Nike England Vapor Away Shirt 2018, check out the source link up above! 2018-06-28 12:34:20 https://www.sportsdirect.com/nike-england-vapor-away-shirt-2018-371174 BRNLY SlingPop Slingshot from Burnley Knives http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/brnly-slingpop-slingshot-from-burnley-knives/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/brnly-slingpop-slingshot-from-burnley-knives/ This slingshot makes me really nostalgic about the lighthearted mischief of youth. It's such a modern take on a classic childhood staple with an adult twist. I find it amusing that there's even a bar key bottle opener on the bottom of the slingshot. The BRNLY SlingPop Slingshot from Burnley Knives is small, designed to fit in your back pocket. I like that it comes with a spare band with a leather pad, fifty 5mm ball bearings, and a hand-screened shop rag for cleaning. I really do like the anodized black finished look, though it was available in a few different colours. Black just looks so sleek, I couldn't resist. All I need is a leather ammo pouch to complete the look! If anyone is interested in the BRNLY SlingPop Slingshot to relive your childhood, check out the source link up above! 2018-05-14 12:31:35 https://huckberry.com/store/burnley-knives/category/p/52153-brnly-slingpop 24K Gold Racing Bike http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/24k-gold-racing-bike/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/24k-gold-racing-bike/ Talk about going for gold, a rather marvelous team of customization artisans have merely gone and coated this British racing bike with 24K Gold. Meaning you can breath long accrued sighs of relief - a swaglord can still be made of you yet. 2016-04-04 18:39:52 http://www.firebox.com/product/7156/24k-Gold-Racing-Bike?via=wtf&viaTagId=68 Immerse Virtual Reality Headset http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/immerse-virtual-reality-headset/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/immerse-virtual-reality-headset/ - A high-quality and affordable foray into the world of Virtual Reality - Quickly turn your smartphone into a fully-featured VR headset - Super comfy with face contact foam and adjustable head straps - Compatible with many VR apps, 3D movies and immersive games - It's more exciting to watch someone else experiencing it These are the main features of the Immerse Virtual Reality Headset 2016-04-04 18:26:51 http://www.firebox.com/product/7017/Immerse-Virtual-Reality-Headset?via=chart Instant Regret Chilli Chocolate http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/instant-regret-chilli-chocolate/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/instant-regret-chilli-chocolate/ Do you love chocolate? Do you love chilli? Do you enjoy feeling like your tongue is melting and your tears are burning? Within this unassuming and sleek black packaging lies the unmatched hot delicacy you've been waiting for – Instant Regret Chilli Chocolate. 2016-03-30 19:46:31 http://www.firebox.com/product/5520/Instant-Regret-Chilli-Chocolate?via=chart Phantom 3 Standard drone http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/phantom-3-standard-drone/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/phantom-3-standard-drone/ The DJI Phantom 3 Standard Drone was built with the novice in mind, keeping most key features while stripping out complexity. That means you still get video up to 2.7K, 12MP stills, GPS-based stabilization, and 25 minutes of flying time. But you also get an easier-to-use remote, with a simple wheel-based camera control and a built-in Wi-Fi range extender, ensuring that the 720p livestream stays solid. 2015-08-11 15:15:09 http://www.dji.com/product/phantom-3-standard Portable Notebook BBQ Grill http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/portable-notebook-bbq-grill/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/portable-notebook-bbq-grill/ Fold-up bbq grill made of pressed steel, but light enough to take anywhere. Simply unfold, fill with charcoal and light! 2015-02-24 18:56:11 http://www.firebox.com/product/2087/Portable-Notebook-BBQ-Grill Boom Box Touch Speaker http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/boom-box-touch-speaker/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/boom-box-touch-speaker/ Cool speaker with 10 continuous hours of battery life, is compatible with any device with an external speaker, and is completely Wireless and Bluetooth-less. 2015-01-13 17:34:49 http://www.firebox.com/product/6646/Boom-Box-Touch-Speaker?via=chart Upwrite Stylus and Kickstand http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/upwrite-stylus-and-kickstand/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/upwrite-stylus-and-kickstand/ Phone stylus that clips to your keychain and doubles as a smartphone kickstand. 2015-03-27 20:05:22 https://www.quirky.com/shop/472-upwrite-stylus-kickstand Switch Customizable Pocket Knife http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/switch-customizable-pocket-knife/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/switch-customizable-pocket-knife/ Multi-tool that comes with 12 easily interchangeable attachments, that can be rearranged, mixed, and matched, to suit your needs and/or skillset. 2015-03-24 20:03:16 https://www.quirky.com/shop/598-switch-12-piece-customizable-pocket-knife Mocoro Robot Cleaning Ball http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/mocoro-robot-cleaning-ball/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/mocoro-robot-cleaning-ball/ Pink and fluffy duster-ball that roams freely around your home, changing direction every time it hits something, that automatically sleeps after 15 minutes until disturbed to conserve battery. 2015-03-17 19:57:12 http://www.firebox.com/product/6901/Mocoro-Robot-Cleaning-Ball StickNFind http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/sticknfind/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/sticknfind/ Stickers with bluetooth that can be labelled and can buzz and flash at the touch of a button, alert you when it goes out of range, or alert you when it comes in range. 2015-03-12 20:07:57 http://www.firebox.com/product/6288/StickNFind Mantis Multi-Position LED Task Light http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/mantis-multi-position-led-task-light/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/mantis-multi-position-led-task-light/ The Mantis Multi-Position Task Light from Quirky is perfect for shining light on a keyboard, bookshelf, worktable, or anything else that needs illuminating while being battery operated and portable with minimal interference to your surroundings. 2015-03-09 20:17:44 https://www.quirky.com/shop/77-mantis-multi-position-led-task-light Aeropress Coffee Maker http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/aeropress-coffee-maker/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/aeropress-coffee-maker/ Aeropress is a manually operated device capable of producing pro-standard cups of filter coffee and espresso in under 30 seconds. 2015-03-04 18:31:45 http://www.firebox.com/product/1320/AeroPress-Coffee-Maker Crossover for iPhone http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/crossover-for-iphone/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/crossover-for-iphone/ Silicone straps capable of securing up to four credit cards, business cards, notes, and paper money. 2015-02-27 21:58:21 https://www.quirky.com/shop/447-crossover-for-iphone-x-band-storage-bumper Pickup Power http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/pickup-power/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/pickup-power/ A three outlet desktop power strip with a detachable 4000 or 6000 mAh battery for charging smartphones, tablets, e-readers, and much more. 2015-02-20 20:32:42 https://www.quirky.com/shop/405-pickup-power-portable-battery-surge-protector Crumpled City Maps http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/crumpled-city-maps/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/crumpled-city-maps/ City maps that are stretch, rip, and water resistant that can be crumpled after use so you never have to remember how to fold it again! 2015-02-10 20:51:34 http://www.firebox.com/product/5583/Crumpled-City-Maps Long Life Milk Portable Chargers http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/long-life-milk-portable-chargers/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/long-life-milk-portable-chargers/ Pocket sized USB charger that can charge your phone with energy to spare 2015-02-03 19:17:05 http://www.firebox.com/product/6534/Long-Life-Milk-Portable-Chargers Click Cube Clocks http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/click-cube-clocks/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/click-cube-clocks/ A small box that displays the time only when you click your fingers or tap your bedside table gently, so that your bedroom isn't illuminated by a constant blinking glow. 2015-02-02 19:56:49 http://www.firebox.com/product/6352/Click-Cube-Clocks Pebble Steel Smartwatch http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/pebble-steel-smartwatch/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/pebble-steel-smartwatch/ Totally customizable watch that syncs to your phone via bluetooth 2015-01-30 21:38:44 http://www.firebox.com/product/6784/Pebble-Steel-Smartwatch SleepPhones http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/sleepphones/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/sleepphones/ High quality headphones integrated into a comfortable headband. 2015-01-29 18:52:20 http://www.firebox.com/product/6069/SleepPhones Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Elite Edition http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/parrot-ar-drone-2-0-elite-edition/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/parrot-ar-drone-2-0-elite-edition/ Cool flying drone that can be controlled by both apple and android products! 2015-01-28 21:54:21 http://www.firebox.com/product/5369/Parrot-AR.Drone-2.0-Elite-Edition Reviveaphone http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/reviveaphone/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/reviveaphone/ Solution that removes mineral deposits that keep your phone from working properly. 2015-01-27 21:21:36 http://www.firebox.com/product/6432/Reviveaphone Cardboard Smartphone Projector http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/cardboard-smartphone-projector/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/cardboard-smartphone-projector/ Ultra-portable Smartphone projector made of rugged cardboard. 2015-01-22 20:05:47 http://www.firebox.com/product/6636/Cardboard-Smartphone-Projector Rhino Shield for IPhone http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/rhino-shield-for-iphone/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/rhino-shield-for-iphone/ Made from an ingenious custom-formulated polymer, this slender screen saviour absorbs 5x the impact energy of the much-lauded Gorilla glass, keeping your screen safe from the most brutal of collisions. Pavement drops? Accidental hammer blows? No problem. 2015-01-21 19:02:02 http://www.firebox.com/product/6247/Rhino-Shield-for-iPhone Bluetooth Gloves http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/bluetooth-gloves/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/bluetooth-gloves/ Bluetooth enabled phone that has a speaker and mouthpiece in the thumb and little finger. 2015-01-19 18:48:46 http://www.firebox.com/product/5611/Bluetooth-Gloves 3Doodler http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/3doodler/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/3doodler/ Crowd-funded, miniature 3-d printer that can draw 3 dimensional images. 2015-01-16 19:08:14 http://www.firebox.com/product/6541/3Doodler-The-Worlds-First-3D-Printing-Pen Wink Relay http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/wink-relay/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/wink-relay/ Designed to replace a light switch on the wall and keep your phone in your pocket, Relay conveniently controls and monitors everything in your connected home from one central location. 2015-01-14 20:56:24 https://www.quirky.com/shop/978-wink-relay-a-smart-home-on-your-wall Ascend Smart Garage Door Controller http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/ascend-smart-garage-door-controller/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/ascend-smart-garage-door-controller/ Connect it to the Wink app to monitor your door's status, even when you aren't home! 2015-01-09 18:40:30 https://www.quirky.com/shop/616-ascend-smart-garage-door-controller Pegit http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/pegit/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/pegit/ Give your phone a unique look everyday! This case comes with removable pegboards that can be switched out so that it can look however you want. 2014-12-18 20:14:25 https://www.quirky.com/shop/446-pegit-modular-case Vino2Go Portable Wine Glass http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/vino2go-portable-wine-glass/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/vino2go-portable-wine-glass/ The Vino2Go is a double-wall, insulated travel cup perfect for pool parties, picnics and anyone interested in drinking wine on the move. 2014-07-25 13:12:47 http://www.firebox.com/product/6015/Vino2Go-Portable-Wine-Glass?via=chart Nimbus - Smart Dashboard + Clock http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/nimbus-smart-dashboard-clock-1/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/nimbus-smart-dashboard-clock-1/ Nimbus is a highly customizable 4-dial dashboard that tracks what’s important to you. Personalize each gauge using your mobile device to keep an array of info up-to-date and available at a glance. Nimbus can monitor your commute traffic, weather, email, calendar, social media networks, and more. 2014-12-16 20:40:33 https://www.quirky.com/shop/596-nimbus-smart-dashboard-clock Gin Advent Calendar http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/gin-advent-calendar/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/gin-advent-calendar/ The Gin Advent Calendar includes both rare artisanal gins and popular market-leaders. 2014-11-24 16:27:15 http://www.firebox.com/product/5655/Gin-Advent-Calendar?via=chart Hoodie Pillow http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/hoodie-pillow/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/hoodie-pillow/ With the Hoodie Pillow Case we’re taking it even further, and totally remixing the bedroom experience. Become one with your bed, by wrapping it around your head and never worry about missing nap-time again. 2014-10-15 18:49:28 http://www.firebox.com/product/6081/Hoodie-Pillow?via=chart Smart propane tank gauge http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/smart-propane-tank-gauge/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/smart-propane-tank-gauge/ This super smart propane tank gauge connects to the Wink app on your mobile device so no matter where you are, you’ll always know when it's time to refuel. 2014-10-15 18:42:09 https://www.quirky.com/shop/732-refuel-smart-propane-tank-gauge#features The Great Garden Gnome Massacre http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/the-great-garden-gnome-massacre/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/the-great-garden-gnome-massacre/ Some have named it the 'anti-gnome,' others brand it 'Gnomezilla'. 2014-09-30 13:22:37 http://www.firebox.com/product/6713/The-Great-Garden-Gnome-Massacre?via=chart How to Swear Around the World phrase book http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/how-to-swear-around-the-world-phrase-book/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/how-to-swear-around-the-world-phrase-book/ How To Swear Around The World phrase book offers 128 pages packed with curses, phrases and elaborate insults, in dozens of languages. 2014-09-05 15:18:21 http://www.firebox.com/product/5641/How-To-Swear-Around-The-World?via=chart Sex Panther cologne - as seen on Anchorman http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/sex-panther-cologne-as-seen-on-anchorman/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/sex-panther-cologne-as-seen-on-anchorman/ Sex Panther cologne. Stings the nostrils…in a good way! According to Anchorman’s Brian Fantana, Sex Panther Cologne is illegal in nine countries. It’s also made with bits of real panther and 60% of the time, it works every time. 2014-08-27 15:23:56 http://www.firebox.com/product/2291/Sex-Panther?via=chart Baby Mop - Transform your aimless crawling baby into a cleaning machine http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/baby-mop-transform-your-aimless-crawling-baby-into-a-cleaning-machine/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/baby-mop-transform-your-aimless-crawling-baby-into-a-cleaning-machine/ They'll be crawling around and exploring the kitchen floor anyway, so you'd be crazy not to dress him/her up in something that enhanced the sweeping process a little, right? 2014-07-29 14:26:07 http://www.firebox.com/product/6533/Baby-Mop?via=chart Bathing Bad bath salts http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/bathing-bad-bath-salts/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/bathing-bad-bath-salts/ Whether you’re an underappreciated science teacher or a kid from the wrong side of the tracks, sometimes the only way to relax is to take a bath with these Bathing Bad Bath Salts. 2014-07-21 13:44:37 http://www.firebox.com/product/5909/Bathing-Bad-Bath-Salts?via=chart Robot Head Portable phone charger http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/robot-head-portable-phone-charger/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/robot-head-portable-phone-charger/ The Robot Head Portable Charger re-charges your phone, tablets and most other USB powered devices. It will charge your smartphone 2.5 times from flat. 2014-06-26 13:58:03 http://www.firebox.com/product/6441/Robot-Head-Portable-Charger?via=chart PowerCurl - MacBook power cord wrap http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/powercurl-macbook-power-cord-wrap/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/powercurl-macbook-power-cord-wrap/ PowerCurl is a cord wrap for the whole family of MacBook power adapters. 2014-07-15 14:59:46 https://www.quirky.com/shop/624-powercurl-macbook-power-cord-wrap Space Bar - Monitor stand & 6 port USB hub http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/space-bar-monitor-stand-6-port-usb-hub/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/space-bar-monitor-stand-6-port-usb-hub/ Space Bar is a sleek desk accessory that minimizes clutter while providing additional USB ports for your computer. 2014-07-15 14:56:55 https://www.quirky.com/shop/235-space-bar-monitor-stand-6-port-usb-hub Underwater Disco Lightshow http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/underwater-disco-lightshow/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/underwater-disco-lightshow/ Turn bath time or the pool into a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of colour. The Underwater Disco Lightshow projects several multicoloured light sequences onto the bottom and sides of the bath or pool. 2014-07-10 14:46:45 http://www.firebox.com/product/2031/Underwater-Disco-Lightshow?via=chart Chargekey http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/chargekey/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/chargekey/ The Chargekey is the most portable USB charging cable for iPhone & Android and it fits perfectly on your key chain. 2014-07-07 14:26:32 http://www.firebox.com/product/6617/ChargeKey?via=chart i-Charging MiniDock http://www.favething.com/j-becker/my-tech-faves/i-charging-minidock-1/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/my-tech-faves/i-charging-minidock-1/ With i-Charging MiniDock charging is always at the ready wherever your day or night takes you and without the clutter of cords or the risk to your health by leaving your device on a grubby floor or counter. For iPod or iPhone 4 and 5 (lightning connector) devices. 2014-07-03 14:24:03 http://aplusrstore.com/product.php?id=835&cid=106 Sushi Bazooka http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/sushi-bazooka/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/sushi-bazooka/ Create perfectly formed sushi rolls like a professional with the Sushi Bazooka. 2014-07-03 14:22:54 http://www.firebox.com/product/6476/The-Sushi-Bazooka?via=chart Duff Beer 24 Can Pack http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/duff-beer-24-can-pack/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/duff-beer-24-can-pack/ Based on the iconic beer from The Simpson, this 24 can pack of Duff is ideal for superfans, slobs and careless nuclear safety inspectors. 2014-06-25 15:27:34 http://www.firebox.com/product/4613/Duff-Beer-24-Can-Pack?via=chart Grip Strip http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/grip-strip/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/grip-strip/ Thanks to the revolutionary polymer compound that its made from, the Grip Strip grips everything from iPads to Sat Navs. The Grip Strip is also resistant to water, high temperatures and sunlight. 2014-06-24 13:55:25 http://www.firebox.com/product/6599/Grip-Strip?via=chart iKettle http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/ikettle/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/latest-gadgets-cool-stuff/ikettle/ Whatever the urgent hot-drink scenario, a simple one-touch setup allows you to instantly control the iKettle from anywhere in the house with your smart phone. 2014-06-24 13:57:48 http://www.firebox.com/product/6068/iKettle?via=chart Rising Garage http://www.favething.com/j-becker/my-tech-faves/rising-garage/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/my-tech-faves/rising-garage/ This is cool. I could never afford one though :( 2012-09-14 19:50:54 http://www.ohgizmo.com/2012/02/16/cardok-elevator-gives-you-james-bonds-style-garage/ Hater App - share your hate with the world http://www.favething.com/j-becker/my-tech-faves/hater-app-share-your-hate-with-the-world/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/my-tech-faves/hater-app-share-your-hate-with-the-world/ Hater is a new free app that lets you share your hate with the world. Features include a built-in Hater camera, rant-writing capabilities, the ability to share Hates anonymously under an Alter Ego, the ability to instantly share your Hates via Facebook and Twitter, and the ability to browse through the most popular hates. 2013-03-14 14:39:03 http://hater-app.com/ NEC 43-inch Curved Monitor http://www.favething.com/j-becker/my-tech-faves/nec-43-inch-curved-monitor/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/my-tech-faves/nec-43-inch-curved-monitor/ Aside from the price tag this monitor is awesome! I can just imagine playing games on this. I should think that the manufacturing costs of curved monitors should come down in time. They're working on flexible displays as it is. 2012-10-23 13:25:24 http://www.techfresh.net/nec-43-inch-curved-monitor/ Fujifilm - Instax Mini 7S Instant Camera http://www.favething.com/j-becker/my-tech-faves/fujifilm-instax-mini-7s-instant-camera/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/my-tech-faves/fujifilm-instax-mini-7s-instant-camera/ My opinion about this one is kind of split. On the one hand, it's neat to be able to have physical photos in your hand immediately. On the other hand it's much more costly to keep buying film, rather than relying on a digital camera. I can see this camera being useful for if you have to spend extended times away from your computer. 2012-10-15 14:28:21 http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=17140518 Apple iPhone 5 is here http://www.favething.com/j-becker/my-tech-faves/apple-iphone-5-is-here-2/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/my-tech-faves/apple-iphone-5-is-here-2/ Here's a quick snapshot of some of the key features of the all-new iPhone 5... The new iPhone 5 is taller with the Retina Display expanded from 3.5 inches to 4 inches and it now has a 16:9 aspect ratio. Although taller the iPhone 5 is 18 percent thinner and 20 percent lighter than the iPhone 4S. Maybe because of complaints about the easily damaged glass back of the 4S Apple has returned to a metal back that reminds me of the original iPhone. Most importantly the new iPhone 5 will support 4G LTE networks in addition to the current support for GPRS, EDGE, EV-DO, and HSPA data networks. This is key because no matter how great the hardware if Apple's iPhone had slow connectivity they would be letting their competition pass them by. The iPhone 5 gets a faster chip called the A6. The A6 chip is two times faster than the current A5 chip. According to Apple, users will see Web pages load 2.1 times faster. Great battery life despite LTE. The iPhone 5 is supposed to get 8 hours of 3G talk time, 8 hours of 3G browsing, 8 hours of LTE browsing, 10 hours of Wi-Fi browsing, 10 hours of video playback, 40 hours of music playback, and 225 hours of standby time. The redesigned iPhone 5 has a new dock connector called "Lightning" which is significantly smaller. I'm sure this is going to annoy owners of current speaker docks, accessories, and charger/syncing cables since it will make them obsolete. On the software side the iPhone 5 ships with the new iOS 6 installed. 2012-09-27 21:11:12 http://www.apple.com/iphone/features/ Samsung Galaxy S3 http://www.favething.com/j-becker/my-tech-faves/samsung-galaxy-s3-1/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/my-tech-faves/samsung-galaxy-s3-1/ I had the opportunity to play around with one of my buddy's last gen Galaxy phone and it was pretty good. I'm sure this one is even better for you Android fans out there. You all know I'm waiting for the iPhone 5 with baited breath though, lol. 2012-09-20 13:37:17 http://www.samsung.com/uk/consumer/mobile-devices/smartphones/android/GT-I9300MBDBTU HTML5 Cheat Sheet http://www.favething.com/j-becker/my-tech-faves/html5-cheat-sheet/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/my-tech-faves/html5-cheat-sheet/ Good to have a quick reference! 2012-09-17 18:51:20 http://www.shibleysmiles.com/2011/10/html-cheat-sheet-list-of-html-tags.html iPad cupholder mount http://www.favething.com/j-becker/my-tech-faves/ipad-cupholder-mount/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/my-tech-faves/ipad-cupholder-mount/ "This is the mount that fits in a cupholder to provide easy access to an iPad or tablet computer. Its cylindrical base expands to fit any cupholder up to 3.3" in diameter while the mounting frame holds an iPad or any tablet 5 1/2-11" H x 4 1/2-7 3/4" W and enables full portrait-to-landscape 360º rotation." Very neat. 2012-09-12 13:58:02 http://www.hammacher.com/Product/Default.aspx?sku=82483 iPhone 5 will be available Sept 21st http://www.favething.com/j-becker/my-tech-faves/iphone-5-will-be-available-sept-21st/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/my-tech-faves/iphone-5-will-be-available-sept-21st/ The launch announcement should be coming on Sept the 12. http://www.slashgear.com/apple-september-12-iphone-5-event-confirmed-well-be-liveblogging-04245901/ 2012-09-10 20:41:52 http://www.cellphonesnationwide.com/iphone-5-will-be-available-on-september-21st.html Kindle Fire HD 8.9" 4G LTE Wireless http://www.favething.com/j-becker/my-tech-faves/kindle-fire-hd-8-9-4g-lte-wireless/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/my-tech-faves/kindle-fire-hd-8-9-4g-lte-wireless/ Making moves readying itself for the all important Christmas shopping season Amazon released the new 8.9 inch HD version - with a 1920x1200 screen - of the popular Kindle tablet. 32GB or 64GB versions are available; both with 4G LTE wireless. Something is telling me that there's going to be a lot of unwrapping of tablets this fast approaching holiday season. 2012-09-09 04:41:57 http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008GFRBBW/ Nixie Tube Clock http://www.favething.com/j-becker/my-tech-faves/nixie-tube-clock/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/my-tech-faves/nixie-tube-clock/ Sadly there was only a limited number of these available it seems. There's no steady source for quality nixie tubes these days! 2012-09-07 14:50:25 http://www.designbuzz.com/nixie-tube-clocks-bring-technology-kaput-long-ago/ 10 Thing Your Customers Wish You Knew About Them http://www.favething.com/j-becker/my-tech-faves/10-thing-your-customers-wish-you-knew-about-them/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/my-tech-faves/10-thing-your-customers-wish-you-knew-about-them/ Especially the part about personalization... it's true! I tip the pizza guy who knows my name way more. He also doesn't seem in a rush to get away, we usually have a bit of a chit-chat at the door. 2012-09-06 19:22:23 http://visual.ly/10-things-your-customers-wish-you-knew-about-them Solar iPhone Charger http://www.favething.com/j-becker/my-tech-faves/solar-iphone-charger/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/my-tech-faves/solar-iphone-charger/ I have a window seat, so this little device would be perfect for my iPhone 4S while I'm at work! 2012-08-20 20:05:27 http://www.gizmag.com/xdmodo-window-solar-charger/21438/pictures#5 Air Clicker concept by Yeon Su Kim http://www.favething.com/j-becker/my-tech-faves/air-clicker-concept-by-yeon-su-kim/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/my-tech-faves/air-clicker-concept-by-yeon-su-kim/ I wonder how well this product works in practice? If it's really well engineered and works as simplistically as they make it seem, I'd be interested in getting one of these! 2012-08-31 15:50:02 http://www.yankodesign.com/2011/11/18/two-finger-camera/ HEX3 AppTag - Smartphone Laser Tag http://www.favething.com/j-becker/my-tech-faves/hex3-apptag-smartphone-laser-tag/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/my-tech-faves/hex3-apptag-smartphone-laser-tag/ AppTag Laser Blaster brings first person shooter console gameplay to smartphones in the real world. As with any blaster toy, the object is to shoot your friends, but AppTag adds a whole new dimension! The free AppTag Apps keep score via WiFi and players can pick up Augmented Reality Weapons, ammo packs, health Kits, and body armour in a similar way to a console game like Halo™, but this is real life, inside or outdoors! 2012-08-29 15:24:34 http://hex3.co/products/apptag 10 Tips For Building Your Blog http://www.favething.com/j-becker/my-tech-faves/10-tips-for-building-your-blog/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/my-tech-faves/10-tips-for-building-your-blog/ I've toyed with the idea of starting a blog for ages; I come across posts like these. I think the most oft repeated piece of advice is 'blog on schedule'. 2012-08-28 16:16:00 http://www.thesitsgirls.com/blogging/build-a-blog/ FLASHr - iOS LED Flash Notifications Case for iPhone 4/4S http://www.favething.com/j-becker/my-tech-faves/flashr-ios-led-flash-notifications-case-for-iphone-4-4s/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/my-tech-faves/flashr-ios-led-flash-notifications-case-for-iphone-4-4s/ I found this on Kickstarter: "FLASHr is an iPhone4/4s case that is powered by the iPhone's LED camera flash, and iOS's built in "LED Flash Alerts". When you turn on "LED Flash Alerts" in your Accessibility settings, your iPhone's LED camera flash lights up for calls, texts, emails, and for all Push Notifications (Twitter, Facebook, Games, or any app with Push Notification settings)." It's pretty neat for anyone who wants a silent notification that's still very obvious. You can get one for a $35 USD pledge on Kickstarter. 2012-08-27 16:40:18 http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/794466365/flashr-ios-led-flash-notifications-case-for-iphone?ref=live VuPoint Solution's Magic Wand http://www.favething.com/j-becker/my-tech-faves/vupoint-solution-s-magic-wand/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/my-tech-faves/vupoint-solution-s-magic-wand/ This is pretty neat, although I'm not sure could find a useful application for it in my day to day... 2012-08-24 16:28:33 http://blog.laptopmag.com/vupoint-solutions-magic-wand-is-not-as-accurate-as-harry-potters Fitbit - Chic Accelerometer http://www.favething.com/j-becker/my-tech-faves/fitbit-chic-accelerometer/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/my-tech-faves/fitbit-chic-accelerometer/ Tracks: Steps Distance Floors Climbed Calories Burned Flower (overall recent activity level) Clock Makes me want to get get my jog on! 2012-08-23 18:19:06 http://www.fitbit.com/product/specs Wrist wearable iPod coming soon? http://www.favething.com/j-becker/my-tech-faves/wrist-wearable-ipod-coming-soon/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/my-tech-faves/wrist-wearable-ipod-coming-soon/ This would be so cool. "Apple, on the other hand, is working on a curved-glass, wrist-wearable iPod. According to a report of Xinhua, users could communicate with device with Apple’s artificial intelligence software Siri and the information could be relayed to iPhone." 2012-08-21 21:48:46 http://www.latestdigitals.com/2011/12/20/google-apple-work-wearable-devices/ Waterproof iPhone case http://www.favething.com/j-becker/my-tech-faves/waterproof-iphone-case/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/my-tech-faves/waterproof-iphone-case/ You can even take pictures scuba diving to 30m (100ft)! How awesome is this? 2012-08-17 18:30:48 http://tat7.net/webshaper/store/viewProd.asp?pkProductItem=2 Awesome infographic about mobile phone use http://www.favething.com/j-becker/my-tech-faves/awesome-infographic-about-mobile-phone-use/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/my-tech-faves/awesome-infographic-about-mobile-phone-use/ I love these quick info-graphics. So much data is so little space, I'm always a bit surprised by their contents. I hope you enjoy this mobile info-graphic I found as much as I did! 2012-08-16 20:17:58 http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/32700/The-10-Best-Marketing-Infographics-of-2012-So-Far.aspx Configurable Tetris Lamp http://www.favething.com/j-becker/my-tech-faves/configurable-tetris-lamp/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/my-tech-faves/configurable-tetris-lamp/ This is a pretty awesome idea. You can change all the pieces around, and they get power from adjacent blocks. It's 29 Euros per piece though, so if you want a bunch of pieces it could get pricey! 2012-08-15 18:50:51 http://www.ohgizmo.com/2012/07/30/endlessly-reconfigurable-tetris-lamp-looks-awesome/ Etch a Sketch iPad case http://www.favething.com/j-becker/my-tech-faves/etch-a-sketch-ipad-case/ http://www.favething.com/j-becker/my-tech-faves/etch-a-sketch-ipad-case/ You can find them at www.thinkgeek.com: http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/e6e2/ 2012-08-13 21:39:58 http://www.coolmomtech.com/2011/01/etch_a_sketch_ipad_case.php