barbie's FaveThing en-us Braid Necklace I've been looking for a necklace like this one for a while now but I've never considered making one. This looks fairly simple to do so I think I'll give it a try. 2012-08-10 07:59:51 Pretty in Peach These ideas are perfect if you're planning a vintage or shabby chic wedding. The peachy color is very soft, romantic and beautiful. 2012-08-10 07:58:35 Stroller This stroller looks great and is so easy to use. There's a great variety of positions for the stroller. The car seat can easily be snapped in and out of the base and the stroller. 2012-08-10 07:58:23 Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch The rose gold color of this watch is just beautiful. I also like its round frame with a chunky number-engraved bezel. Great gift idea. 2012-08-10 07:58:17 Bath & Body Works Gift Set Signature Gift Set includes: full-size Signature Collection Shower Gel (10 oz.), Body Lotion (8 oz.), Fragrance Mist (8 oz.) and Fragrance Mist Sleeve. 2012-08-10 07:57:54 B 2012-07-19 04:01:10 8 Beauty Benefits Of Coconut Oil It can be used as an all-over skin moisturizer (with excellent results, apply it to your skin right after showering and throughout the day as you like), but here are eight different ways you can take advantage of it’s natural goodness to treat problem areas. 2012-07-19 04:05:04