To define a good natural-color human hair weave

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To define a good natural-color human hair weave

To define a good natural-color human hair weave

You will find that many hair sellers mark their hair product as 7A, 8A, 9A, and 10A, when buying hair bundles online. Do you know what they mean? Actually, if you have bought hair bundles online, you will know that is stand for the quality standard. Except for the obvious thing, how to define a high quality real human weave?

Firstly, a good natural-color human hair weave must contain the following features: bleachable, dyeable, and permable. Even if you can not dye pure light colors, you must be able to dye medium colors. Generally, the edges of hair root are neat, without excessive seams and thread ends. The sewing thread is neat and the stitches are dense and even. Almost no hair loss. No variegation, white hair, etc.

Secondly, the hair length is also a key point to define if it is of high quality. It is evenly proportioned and keeps on file. The proportion of the longest part is not less than 15%, and most important, there is no foreign matter, neps, lice, etc. on the hair.

Third, you should make sure that the hair is not cold-dyed and pressed. And if you want to identify whether the natural color is colored, just wash your hair with hot water and a little detergent, the cold-dyed water will turn black.

In addition, whether the scales are preserved, is also an important indicator for judging the quality of hair bundles. There are several core factors that determine the price of hair curtains: hair type, hair length, width (length ratio), hair weight and so on.

Only those who meet the above conditions can be regarded as a good natural color hair curtain product.

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