About Hair Bundles

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About Hair Bundles

About Hair Bundles

In daily life, in order to pursue natural appearance and unique beauty, more and more women like to buy human hair bundles.

Human hair bundles with lace closure frontal are most popular among black women.

Before buying a virgin hair bundle, many people will have questions. Do you need to sew the whole head? How many hair bundles do I need? This is the most important thing you need to consider if you want to achieve the look you want.

Actually, it depends on the style you want to use. Is it a lace closure or a front lace or a 360-degree front lace? Is it normal hair volume or plump hair? What kind of look do you want?

What factors should you consider?

When choosing the hair bundles we need based on the look we want, we usually need to consider several factors. Key phrase: This is the look you want. Different elements such as hair length, head circumference, hair texture and required hair volume play a key role in the appearance of the final hairstyle.

Head size
sizeIn the United States, the average size of a female head is 22.5 inches. Therefore, wrap the tape measure around the head, and then measure the head circumference. If it is larger or smaller than the average size, the number of bundles can be adjusted. The larger the head, the more bundles are needed, and vice versa.

Hair length
The larger the number of inches required, the more bundles you will need. This is because human hair extensions tend to thin out towards the tip. So, the more bundles you use, the fuller your hair will look.

Hair texture
Curly and straight virgin hair is different in density.Newborn curly hair is naturally fuller, and you may need fewer hair bundles compared to the new born method. With curly hair, since the density of the hair will naturally increase, it looks fuller, so you can reduce the amount of bundles. We recommend using 2-3 packs to achieve a natural and full effect.

If you wear straight hair, in order to create a complete look, then you will need more bundles to achieve it. Although it is still full of straight hair from start to finish, you may need more bundles to create a super plump look. For length, we recommend 3-4 bundles.

Hair volume
To achieve greater volume, more bundles are needed. However, if you want to sew parts, you need fewer bundles.

The amount of hair you need

A not the only but important factor is how full you want your hair to be. If you want your hair to have a very full effect, you can purchase more bundles. If you only need to sew partly, you can reduce the purchase.

Hair Bundles
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