Flight Recliner

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Flight Recliner
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Brand / Company: Design Within Reach
Product / Service: Flight Recliner in Indigo
Price: $2,695 - $3,695 USD
Rating From Grace Newman
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A relaxed modern recliner, perfect for any home!

I really love this Flight Recliner that is designed by Jeffrey Bernett and Nicholas Dodziuk for Design Within Reach. The look they aimed for was to create a recliner that didn't look like one. It is a very modern, comfortable chair with none of the bulkiness of a traditional recliner.

It's very sleek and streamlined, expertly upholstered with very few seams to suit its clean look. It has a compact footprint and a patented conversion mechanism that takes it from being upright to feet up to full recline with just a slight seated push.

On Design Within Reach, you are able to choose you upholstery and color, I personally liked the Lama Tweed in Indigo, as well choosing your choice of a solid wood or steel sleigh base for stable footing.

If anyone else is interested in checking out the Flight Recliner, click on the images up above.


- Designed to be a recliner that doesn't look like a bulky traditional recliner
- Sleek and streamlined with expert upholstery - very few seams to suit the clean look
- Compact footprint and patented conversion mechanism
- Choose your upholstery and color, as well as base wood or steel base

Bottom Line:

Everything about this recliner has me falling in love. It's perfect for the home!

Flight Recliner, Recliner, Jeffrey Bernett, Nicholas Dodziuk, Design Within Reach
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Grace Newman
Madison, WI, USA
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